About K.L. and the Roving Book Review

I decided to begin the Roving Book Review blog as a way of keeping getting a bit more out of the books that I read. A fairly voracious consumer, I munch through (on average) around 3 books per week. The Roving Book Review lets me share my opinions of some of these, as well as providing some useful feedback on the material for potential readers.

In addition to this oft-neglected website, I have also written and self-published a novel, The Fall of Peter Pan, and a collection of poetry, The Loaded Brush. My short story ‘Obstructive Gaze’ was shortlisted for the 2015 Lane Cove Literary Award. From 2015 – Feb 2017, I volunteered my time as a researcher and contributor to the not-for-profit organisation The Sydney Feminists, who do great work on grassroots activism and information sharing. You can check out the collected resources here.

Finally, Roving Book Review now has a sister website – Women on Adventure! Women on Adventure explores our rich shared history of women’s adventure writing, and is a curated collection of quotations showcasing the opinions and experiences of influential female travellers in their own words.


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