The Killer Wore Leather – Laura Antoniou


New York is hosting its annual Mr. and Ms. Global Leather (and Bootblack) competition. Kinksters from all American states have streamed in for a three day weekend of workshops, competitions and play. The previous winners, Mack Steel and Mistress Ravenfyre, gather with the panel of judges to begin the three-day-long weekend of kink. All of them loathe each other, from the Neanderthalic adherents to a Gorean—sorry, Zodian fantasy universe, to the elderly lesbian professor of sociology (with honours in acidic social commentary). All in all, a normal Mr. And Ms. Global Leather, et al, competition.

And then the penultimate bad boy of leather, Mack Steel, is discovered dead in his hotel room. Wearing nothing but a pair of frilly yellow panties.

How do you find a killer, when everyone who knew the man hated him? How do you even select your suspects?


Enter single, lesbian, Detective Rebecca Feldblum, assigned to case by a boss that tells her, ‘They’re your people, right?’, and also assigned an ultra-conservative partner from the deep South…

Nothing could make things worse. Except perhaps that all the suspects will be leaving in three days, and discovering that her very-ex-girlfriend is also attending Mr. And Ms. Global Leather…


Amusing. A tongue in cheek, merry observation of the politics and personalities of small societies wrapped up in an interesting and well-paced whodunnit. The setting of a kinky social gathering is clever and novel. Crossing my fingers for a sequel, this is a light read, with an interesting subject matter.



K.L gives The Killer Wore Leather 4 out of 5 spanks with a Zodian slave goad.






Sadly, the eventual killer was a little easy to pick. But I’m just cynical like that.