Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn


Nick Dunne comes home on his fifth anniversary to find his wife, Amy, missing. The police very quickly focus on him as the main suspect – there are signs that the crime scene has been faked, he has lied about his whereabouts during the day, and blood has cleaned away. As he tries desperately to find his wife, amidst a tightening noose of media speculation and judgment, we meet Amy through her diary.

Both narrators tell vastly different stories of their lives together…and they can’t both be right.

I must admit that if I hadn’t had a friend, V, tell me the main plot twist before I began reading, I wouldn’t have made it past the first few chapters – both Nick and Amy are awful, and their relationship is poisonously unhappy. They are both liars and manipulators – and as the story unfolds, we begin to witness just how great a lie is being woven. Ingenious and venomous, the plot twists are as thrilling as they are repulsive.

K.L gives Gone Girl 4 out of 5 slow motion train wrecks.

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