My Novel is #1 in the Mashups section of!!!

Friends, Romans, Countryfolk!

My novel, The Fall of Peter Pan, has reached #1 in the Mashups section of the Amazon eBookstore!! I was excited enough when it was at #4 a few days ago, but now?? Levitation is definitely occurring. My head is bobbing against the ceiling, enabling me both to indulge in jubilation, and clean off some cobwebs.


I know, these things are temporary, but temporising aside, it has made my temper excellent! Ok, I promise I’ll stop.

Check it out! Bask in my (momentary) glory!

The Fall of Peter Pan… rising steadily!!

The Fall of Peter Pan… rising steadily!!

And, y’know, keep it bobbing up there at the top of the charts. Buy a copy! Or provide some feedback on what you thought of it 🙂

I’ve published my first eBook!!!!

The Loaded Brush


I am so very, very excited – I’ve just published my first eBook! I am literally floating over the moon, so if something humanoid hits a satellite and spins down into the Pacific Ocean, don’t panic: it’s just me.


Vital Statistics:

What’s it called, K.L.?

It is entitled The Loaded Brush

What’s it about?

…and is a collection of poems by yours truly. *Bows*

There are around 40 pages of poems; the rest of the book (another 40 or so pages) is a preview of my forthcoming novel.

The official spiel runs thus:

Have you ever held a dialogue with a tricksome breeze or a young river?

Have you pondered your place in the universe, lost hope or found it?

Have you felt the fear of failure, or the satisfaction of overcoming your own limitations?

The Loaded Brush explores beliefs, reality, longing, hope and loneliness in the world of imagination in this debut collection of poetry by author K.L. Webber.

Ok, so how’s it doing?

I’m so glad you asked – at the moment, it’s the Number One Best-seller in Australia & Oceania Poetry!!! See below? Proof! I haven’t yet figured out where in the back-end of the sales side of things I can see the actual number sold, so I’m afraid I have no idea.


Cool, but…poems? Why poems?

Well, I enjoy writing them, and preparatory to publishing my first novel (in the next couple of months), I wanted to get to grips with the process of creating and publishing an eBook myself. It just so happened that The Loaded Brush was finished sooner than my collection of short stories.

K.L., you’ve convinced me. Where do I buy it? 

At Amazon:

And as soon as I come back to earth, I’ll be tackling the process of getting it publishing on Kobo and iTunes, because not everyone has a Kindle – or the Kindle app. I have both, and love them.

So…are you gonna do a review of it?

I don’t know. Would that be pretentious? It would certainly be biased. Help me, people!


Seriously though, publishing (self or otherwise) my writing has been one of my longest-held ambitions, so I am FREAKING OUT with excitement! Yay! (Ok, so it wasn’t really that serious. But seriously fun!)


Also, I promise to get some more book reviews up shortly.